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Welcome to Sydcily, the online marketplace that brings the flavors of Sicily to your doorstep! Our business was founded by Paolo and Joseph Gatto, who wanted to share their passion for traditional Sicilian products with the people of Sydney.
At Sydcily, we offer a wide selection of genuine Sicilian products, including artisanal cannoli shells, tarts, oil, pistachio paste, and more. We work directly with small-scale producers in Sicily, ensuring that our products are made with the highest quality ingredients and traditional methods.


Sicilian Authenticity

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Italian Attitude in Australia

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At Sydcily, we’re committed to delivering the best customer experience, from easy online ordering to reliable delivery and excellent customer service. Join us on a journey of authentic Sicilian flavors, and discover the true taste of Italy in the heart of Sydney.

Artisan Product From Etna

Every dish we create is a tribute to recipes rooted in the rich culinary history of Sicily.

Artisan Product

Love for tradition is the main ingredient that make Sydcily brand products unmistakable.

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100% Made in Sicily

What makes our products unique
Quality, passion, love for traditions.

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Thanks to our Italian carriers partnership, we are able to guarantee fast shipping throughout AU.

On the sixth day, God accomplished his work and, pleased with all the beauty he had created, he took the earth in his hands, and kissed it. There, where he put his lips, that’s Sicily.